For many years we enjoyed raising and showing our beautiful Scottish Highland Cattle. We acquired our first cow in the year 2000 and very soon our fold began to grow. Below are the members of our Highland Cattle fold throughout the years.

Miranda of Alder Hill (31288), Born 5/24/1997.
Hannah of Boise Creek (40554), Born 5/25/2001
Brandy of Boise Creek (40553), Born 4/30/2003. Shown with her calf, Thistlie.
Sheridan of Five Star (43098), Born 5/11/2005
Sheridan was an outstanding bull. He was a pleasure to own and handle and sired several of our heifers. Sheridan was awarded Grand Champion at the 2007 Central Washington Fair.
Thistlie of Boise Creek (43983), Born 4/4/2006

Beginning with Thistlie we started using the American Highland Cattle Association naming standard. A specific, consecutive letter of the alphabet is assigned to each year. The letter “T” in 2006, “U” in 2007, “V” in 2008, and etc.

Ulurah of Boise Creek (45130), Born 4/24/2007500
Ugustus of Boise Creek (45541), Born 8/29/2007
Volcan of Boise Creek (46727), Born 6/14/2008
Vannah of Boise Creek (47154), Born 8/27/2008
Winsome of Boise Creek (47951), Born 4/12/2009
Willow of Boise Creek (48525), Born 6/13/2009
Xaviera of Boise Creek (49728), Born 5/5/2010
Yukon of Boise Creek (40432), Born 2/28/2011
Yohann of Boise Creek (50433), Born 3/23/2011

After Bob retired, we began to reduce our Highland fold. We kept only Miranda, our first cow, and Hannah, Miranda’s first born. Both these cows lived long lives enjoying the green pastures of beautiful Enumclaw before passing peacefully away.