Bob and I had a wonderful four-day tour of the spectacular Rocky Mountains in Alberta Canada. With our good friends John and Stephanie, we visited three national parks: Banff, Jasper, and Yoho. Every place we went we encountered magnificent scenery. The rocky mountain ranges towered like ancient fortresses above us; the rivers and lakes were every shade of blue; the forests of tall evergreens went on forever. It was all just so beautiful!

The coolest thing we experienced happened early one morning on a drive into the high back-country. Suddenly, up ahead in the road we saw a big, black timber wolf! Bob and John were out of the car in a flash, cameras locked and loaded. They managed to snap a few quick photos.

The wolf ran into the forest and – of course – so did Bob and John. Both watched the wolf run through the trees; they were able to snap some more photographic evidence. As rare as it is to experience a wolf sighting, we had the good fortune to see the wolf twice. As Bob and John returned to the road, so did the timber wolf. A little further up the road he emerged from the trees, paused to look us over, and returned to the forest once more. That was a very cool experience!

Here are a few of the photos from our Canadian trip…

The Canadian rocky mountains are gorgeous!