Welcome to Boise Creek Farm, former home to many beautiful Scottish Highland Cattle. 

Boise Creek Farm is in Enumclaw, Washington, a rural farming community known as the gateway to Mount Rainier. Our abundant rainfall and mild climate creates an ideal environment for Highlands to live and thrive. After we retired, we gradually reduced our Highland Cattle fold and now have only Miranda, our foundation cow. Miranda is 19 years old and has outlived several of her calves.

We are members of the Northwest Highland Cattle Association (NWHCA) and continue to promote the American Highland Cattle Association (AHCA). We highly recommend raising Highland Cattle! 

For information on our fold members, click on the photos below. 
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Miranda of Alder Hill (31288)
Born 5/21/1998

Hannah of Boise Creek (40554)
Born 5/25/2001

Former Boise Creek Farm Highlands

Sheridan of Five Star (43098); Born 5/11/2005
2007 Central Washington Fair Grand Champion Bull

Brandy of Boise Creek (40553)
Born 4/30/2003

Thistlie of Boise Creek (43983)
Born 4/4/2006

Ulurah of Boise Creek (45130)
Born 4/24/2007

Ugustus of Boise Creek (45541)
Born 8/29/2007

Vannah of Boise Creek (47154)
Born 8/27/2008

Volcan of Boise Creek (46727)
Born 6/14/2008

Willow of Boise Creek (48525)
Born 6/13/2009

Winsome of Boise Creek (47951)
Born 4/12/2009

Xaviera of Boise Creek (49728)
Born 5/5/2010

Yohann of Boise Creek (50433)
Born 3/23/2011

Yukon of Boise Creek (40432)
Born 2/28/2011
Beginning with Thistlie, we started using the American Highland Cattle Association naming standard, using a specific, consecutive letter of the alphabet each year: the letter "T" in 2006, "U" in 2007, "V" in 2008, and etc.

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