Our interest in birding has grown from an amusing pastime to an all-consuming obsession! 
It is amazing how a nondescript bird can suddenly become a colorful and unusual creature when looked at through a good set of binoculars. Getting a good quality bird photo is much harder than you might think; our feathered friends rarely stop and pose for our camera. More often than not the perfect picture turns into a bare tree branch. 

We are keeping a list of all of the bird species we have identified at Boise Creek Farm - well over 100 so far. Bob has created a Flickr page where he posts his favorite photos. You should check them out! We have taken many photos here in the northwest and post our favorites on this website.

We greatly enjoy our birding adventures and look forward to many more!

Birds of Boise Creek Farm

Bob's Flickr Photos

Birds of Northwest Places

Costa Rica, Central America 2012-13 Alberta, Canada 2013 Ecuador, South America 2017

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