Welcome to the Boise Creek Farm website! We are Bob and Gina Ames and we live on our dream farm in rural Enumclaw, Washington, a beautiful farming community known as the gateway to Mount Rainier. 

Bob grew up on a farm in Yucaipa California and has been around cattle and farming for years. As a boy he raised several steer during his FFA years. One steer took first place at the Victorville Fair and was purchased by Roy Rogers, the "King of the Cowboys". That was a memorable childhood event!

Gina grew up south of Puyallup Washington. She spent her years roaming the forests and fields, hunting Sasquatch and communing with nature.

After living in the suburbs for years, we began to search for the perfect country farm house. When we found Boise Creek Farm, we knew right away that it was home.

The house was built in 1927 and the barn is older yet. We are having fun restoring the house and property, researching its interesting history, and creating a yard full of color - lot's and lot's of never-ending projects!

After moving to the farm we decided to raise Scottish Highland cattle and they proved to be a wonderful breed to own and handle. For several years we showed the best of our fold at local fairs. We were thrilled when Sheridan was awarded Grand Champion in 2007 at the Central Washington Fair.

After retiring, we sold our Highlands and our last cows, Miranda and Hannah, lived out their remaining days wandering the green pastures. Our final cow passed in 2018 at almost 21 years of age.

Bob and I are Harley Davidson enthusiasts. Rural, open-spaces seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate. But, in our area you can still find pastures of cattle, horses, and other livestock. There are beautiful old farm houses and lovely country roads to explore. We recommend the Enumclaw area as a beautiful destination!

Retirement has allowed us the time to pursue our passions; the most recent is birding. We love to take trips, both local and abroad to discover more about our feathered friends. These days, we also enjoy taking road trips, gardening, house restoration, antique hunting, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

Thank you for visiting our website! 

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